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This is when we determine your buying power (your financial reserves plus your borrowing power). This keeps our search goals realistic. I will carefully lead you through this process and refer you to the best-qualified lenders to help you.

Selecting the Right Property
This is when we target our searching. There are thousands of properties for sale. My job is to help you focus on homes meeting your specific requirements. I also will be communicating with my network of resources in seeking homes for you that are not always publicly advertised. When homes are presented, I will be objective and give all information to you such as neighborhood data, utilities, schools, etc. so your decision is well informed, considering today and future resale.

This step involves MUCH more than agreeing to a fair price. Items such as terms and financing, date of possession, inclusion/ exclusion of repairs or furnishings, inspection time frames, and distribution of incedental costs are just some of things that will be negotiated with the sellers. My job is to create a win/win scenario in every detail of the purchase. My experience as a Broker negotiating hundreds of transactions over the years helps in the process of negotiations!

Managing the processes of appraisals, inspections, and financing involves many legal forms and checklists, and if not managed efficiently and effectively, can pose many challenges. My full time escrow team, along with my watchful attention, will ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Renegotiating & Closing/ Settling
In this step I am there to objectively help you understand the complicated escrow instructions and move the transaction to closing. If there are any final negotiations such as repairs or other issues I will tie up all the loose ends and bring us to a successful settlement and closing.